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Developmental Care Guide

As your Developmental Care Guide (DCG) I will assist with helping to optimize the development of your child. Through discussion and identification of the individualized resources geared to your personal values and goals; as well as by directing you to accurate applicable information and guiding you through activities to support your child's overall skill development.  

  • Do you have questions about your child's development?

  • Do you feel stuck with what you are doing at home?

  • Concerns about sensory processing verse behaviors?

  • Is your kiddo having a hard time with their self care skills?

  • Are you looking for more direction as to how to support your child supplemental education or after school activities? 

If you have questions about any of these things, allow me to guide you!  This doesnt mean one conversation, this means we are working collaboratively together to achieve your personal goals.  Every human learns differently, there is no cookie cutter path to development. Lets work together to develop a unique program for you and your child!

What's included in a 1 month Private Developmental Care Guidance (DCG) package:

  • An initial intake with personalized suggestions based on family's desired outcomes

  • follow up communication (live, virtual or over the phone)

    • DCG packages are unique to each family and based on their level of needs and desired follow up communication and feedback.  ​

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